Chaos (Guards of the Shadowlands Book 3) - Sarah Fine

I made these comments at The Midnight Garden and I add this caveat: despite being disappointed in the choices Fine made in Chaos this series comes with a big ole RECOMMEND from me. My favorite of the trilogy being Fractured.


I finished Chaos this morning and admit to be being a little disappointed. I felt that just when I thought I was prepared for the ultimate sacrifice with it’s huge emotional payoff, the punch to the gut was wasted by an almost easy out. I wasn’t looking forward to what seemed like a forgone conclusion, but I was READY for it.


This is all not to say that I don’t love this series and think that it does so many great things that we don’t usually see in YA. But I felt like Chaos jumped around too much, we were not allowed to feel any loss long enough before we moved on from the near misses and some relationships skimmed the surface instead of delving in and really making us care. I think that Fractured took the risks that we should have seen more of in Chaos as the story wound to its conclusion and bc it didn’t, the story suffered for it.


But, but…..Malachi!! ❤️❤️❤️