No Sooner Met - Seanan McGuire

Sweet lil Toby/Tybalt short story made even better told from Tybalt's POV!


“I won’t pretend that you do not have the capacity to break my heart. The fact that I would trust you enough to risk the breaking of it is a compliment, and I believe in telling people when they have earned such trust from me. Would I sulk for a time, years perhaps? Yes. I am only a man. But I would return to you with my hat in my hands and ask that my friend take me back, even if my lover had journeyed forever into that strange and distant country known as ‘Memory,’ where never a living soul may go.”



She blinked once, slowly and deliberately, before putting her somewhat mangled bread to the side and saying, “You know, sometimes I can’t tell whether you realize how much you sound like a romance novel.”


“My dearest October.” I pulled myself up straight in my chair, smiling at her languidly. “The romance novels learned everything they know from me.”


Siiiiigh, Tybalt!