Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi
2.5 stars, this one had me scratching my head.The premise of Shatter Me is pretty straightforward. A broken world, disease and famine overwhelming the population. A new order, The Reestablishment, fighting a war (against who I was never really sure) to reboot the world to their specifications; one language, one currency, one religion, one government. And a girl, who was locked away because of the deadly ability she possesses, to kill with one touch. Now the Reestablishment has decided that she is a weapon that they wish to possess and will do anything to remake her as a solider for their side.Oh where to begin? This was a story that had too many unanswered questions, unexplored motivations, unfulfilled expectations and overdone emotions! I think the author was trying for a rich, metaphorical language that, for me, turned every paragraph into an overstrung and overwrought recitation. The repetitiousness did not emphasis great emotion but rather annoyed me and despite the passion between Juliette and Adam (and there was loads of that) I just didn't feel their deep connection. The vague ending just confused me, the indestructible, super secret, hidden compound of other ‘super’ individuals felt tacked on out of the blue and mostly unrelated to the rest of the book.