Stone Guardian (Entwined Realms) - Danielle Monsch

Well gargoyles are certainly an original and underused aspect of paranormal romance and with good reason. Logically a human/gargoyle relationship could prove to be somewhat uncomfortable difficult given what we normally assume about them. (Insert obligatory 'stone is HARD' joke) Monsch changes that up a bit and the result is an engaging adventure with magic, monsters and mayhem.


I see loads of potential for more stories in the Entwined Realms that don't necessarily focus on the main characters in this one and that's not a bad thing. As far as I'm concerned, despite the fact that Terack was a smokin', sexy hero I found the Guild and it's various and sundry waaaay more interesting (ESPECIALLY Fallon!! hello, who was she talking to?!) and I wouldn't mind heading in a different direction next time out.


Monsch is a new author who has got an interesting, new world under construction and I will definitely be keeping her next book in the series on my radar.