The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon

This is the last book in the Adrien (with an 'E') English series and I am so bummed that this is the end! *sniffle* Loved each book in the set as we went through several murder investigations, serious mysteries that had me trying to puzzle out the culprit (every time!), amusing family dynamics and a fantastic romance woven through it all.


I will miss Adrien and Jake quite a bit. Adrien's voice was very unique and very easy to get immersed in. He comes across as an all around cool guy, someone you'd want to be friends with; he is smart with just the right amount of wit and extremely self possessed. He and Jake have a epic romance but not of your typical variety. It's not exactly angsty but there are some seemingly insurmountable barriers that their relationship has to overcome so the conclusion is pretty satisfying (I am a big fan of Jake but I know some found him very difficult to like!).


I already have a couple of Josh Lanyon's back catalog on my kindle. Even though it won't be Adrien's voice I hope I'll find some new favorite characters to love.