Fire & Frost - Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane, Jessica Sims

Speed Mating - I don't read many shifter books (why is that I wonder?) so this was a fun diversion. I liked the dancing around Estrella and Vic did, each trying to avoid the obvious! Vic is a sexy, growly alpha tiger, yum!


Conjuring Max - I liked Carolyn Crane's first Code of Shadows novel, Mr. Real and this is the story of Alix's aunt Veronica who invented the witchcraft combined with technology that conjures items from pictures into real life. Max and Veronica's story had an ephemeral quality and I was pretty tense at the end wondering if their story would be happy or bittersweet.


Wrecked - Meljean Brook's Iron Seas novels and novellas can do no wrong in my book. This was an exciting adventure with snowstorms, airship balloon crashes and ravenous zombies; I loved Caius and Elizabeth's story. The loving is so sweet as the two work through their childhood bitterness to discover their true feelings for each other.