How Beauty Saved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #2) - Jax Garren

I don't know what it is about this series but despite a somewhat weak plot and the knack with which the good guys always seem to skirt danger and injury I love it! I think it's the characters who I find so engaging.


Hauk is the MAN; a loyal, scarred, mountain of a man whose reluctance to show his injured face to the world links to incredible self-loathing. And who can blame him? Jolie on the other hand is a trust fund baby who just happens to be a burlesque dancer and supremely gorgeous to boot. Who doesn't like a girl like that? (/sarcasm). Truthfully though, despite that description, I really like Jolie. She's sweet, honest, genuine and even a little bit shy. But she loves Hauk and by the end of this installment we see the two of them finally overcoming the tiny voices in their heads telling them to look before they leap and it's a lovely thing indeed.


Looking forward to part three!