Red, White, and Blood (Nathaniel Cade, #3) - Christopher Farnsworth
Cade is THE MAN, er, well..sorta. Another amazing adventure, Cade is on the trail of a new uber-monster, The Boogeyman, and almost meets his match. I love the politics, the interspersed historical anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter and Cade's dry, pithy delivery when dealing with humans. He is the complete antithesis of a good guy, in fact Cade is scary as hell and makes most people who meet him pee their pants. But there is no one you'd rather have defending the US and its President in the face of whatever supernatural (and reality based) evil thrown his way. I did miss Cade's scenes with Tania this go round, hope she comes back next time to taunt him and generally make a nuisance of herself. The ending was a total fist biter and I can't wait for book 4 in this anticipated 10 book series!!