Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2) - Veronica Rossi

4.5 stars..this was AMAZING!


I'm really impressed with how Through the Ever Night developed the story into something mesmerizing and urgent. A true tale of fortitude, sacrifice, and survival!I am 100% Team Perry but I loved the relationship between Roar and Aria. Since they are together for most of the story seeing them rely on each other and back each other up was great, especially since they are NOT romantically paired. That kind of friendship is rarely seen and I appreciate the non-love triangle. I also am glad that Rossi didn't go down the miscommunication and misunderstanding route with Perry and Aria. Since it's been established that no one can hide their scent/temper from Perry it is the truest path to him knowing that Aria is still 100% committed to him.


Now that Perry has proven himself as Blood Lord to the Tides he is perfectly suited to the task of finding the Still Blue with Aria at his side. What remains to be seen is how the Dwellers that have joined the scene will help or harm this quest for survival in a world without the threat of the aether.