Queen of Song and Souls (Tairen Soul) - C. L. Wilson

A whole bunch of forward momentum as we see both foes and allies align as the Second Mage War takes a big breath, trembling on the brink of another wave of violence!


Some secrets are revealed, the danger cranked even higher and the fate of the world lays in Ellie's hands as she fights to understand her role in the the ultimate battle between Light and Dark. She also seeks to save the sanity of her Tairen Soul mate, Rain, who can only be restored by the completion of their bond.


Gosh this was great, I am in awe of the way Wilson has woven so many layers into this story, I just can't slow down in my eagerness to see the baddies exposed and the good guys finally get their due.


This penultimate installment give us so, so much, perfectly positioning the series for an explosive showdown...I can't wait!!