Dearly, Beloved -

After a slow start (entirely my fault, btw) this second installation of Lia Habel's Respiration series was an exciting ride.


While I worried that the multiple point of views would again bog the story down and keep me from the characters I loved (hello, Bram!) they didn't seem gratuitous. That said, I lived for the chapters narrated by Bram and Nora because they were (are!) truly the heart of the story. Not sure what comes next for these two but if you liked the first book for the romance, many moments plus the ending will definitely make you swoon.


Minor nitpick was again the myriad of characters who, when I started reading, kept me from really getting into the story. Also, the characters I loved from the first book definitely got lost in the mix, not distinguishing themselves like they had before.


All in all though, this was great stuff, Habel writes steampunk seamlessly and zombies..well these aren't like any you've ever read before and I like that!


Favorite quote (one of many!):"Nora was the only thing that made sense. She was the only unchanging thing in my universe. She was my lodestar. No matter which way my emotions and circumstances and the impulses of my dead, dying, trying body pulled me, no matter how many mistakes I made, she was always true north. Sometimes I’d side with the dead, sometimes with the living, but always with her." hello, swoonage!