Outpost - Ann Aguirre
Enclave was good, Outpost was GREAT.Deuce really grew on me this time. I loved how she had to figure so many things; breaking down societal barriers and expectations not to mention deciphering emotional relationships too. She went beyond a one dimensional existence to a individual who was part of a family, a partnership and a purpose. Speaking of partnerships, hallelujah and thank you for a love triangle that actually made sense and didn't make me want to throw something. (kudos for a quick resolution too, but i'm not sure it's the end of it)Where does it go from here, I don't know..Ms. Aguirre leaves our gang in a heck of a predicament but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to them getting out on the road again. I have a feeling Horde is going to be astonishing.