Two Weeks' Notice - Rachel Caine
Two Weeks' Notice was an excellent follow up to the first novel in Caine's Revivalist series which introduced us to our ex-military heroine Bryn and her battle to live her 'life' after being murdered and revived with an experimental reanimation drug. Rachel Caine does no wrong here as we see Bryn plunged into another shadowy conspiracy that threatens to end her existence and the other unfortunate employees of the now defunct Pharmadene. This was an exciting and at times gruesome ride and I love that Bryn is not the type of girl to allow herself to go down without a fight or sink into self pity and despair! What I thought would be a one note premise has definitely gone in a very interesting direction at the end of this installment and what happens next as Bryn struggles to figure out the new paradigm of her existence will prove to be a very exciting read!!