King of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence
It took me a LONG time to read King of Thorns, a long time to really get into the story and see where Lawrence was taking us. When that happens I tend to put the book aside and read something else that I can knock off in a day or two. This time though I resisted because I knew that once the hooks were in it would all click into place. This book puts the EPIC in epic fantasy. Past, present, legend, prophecy, firemages, mathmagicians, old magic and new..this had it all and the way it all links together in the last third just dropped my jaw. Jorg is still kind of an assh*le and his 'Brothers' still mostly irredeemable and savage, but damn if I wasn't rooting for them to the end.Not sure where we're going in book 3, but I am signed on, no matter how long it takes us to get there!