Prince of Thorns  - Mark  Lawrence
I was in the mood for an epic high fantasy read but when I started Prince of Thorns my initial impressions were NOT good. I decided to give it 100 pages or so before throwing in the towel and I am so glad I didn't give up! Where at first Prince Jorg comes across only as a sociopath bent on revenge for the killing of his mother and baby brother while he helplessly watched, the story, told from his point of view, begins to take shape and mold him from a sheltered royal to a young man who was a victim of court alliances, rivalries and politics. You begin to see that as smart as he is (and oh boy has he ever absorbed his lessons) his actions are more borne out of circumstances vastly beyond his understanding and control. I was immersed in his narration of both the past and present and the journey he takes is completely enthralling. Especially intriguing is when we learn that the world he inhabits was built on the ruins of an old and seemingly advanced civilization who have somehow gone the way of the dinosaurs. For that alone I want to know more! Now, luckily, I don't have a long wait for the next part in the trilogy.