Summoning the Night - Jenn Bennett
This second installment in the Arcadia Bell series was just as good, if not even better, than the first! We are firmly in Cady's world in this one, I understand the magic and Jenn Bennett doesn't info dump from the last book which I much appreciated. I think what I enjoy most about these books is the mature relationship between Cady and Lon. They are a team, they love each other and they lean on each other. Despite Cady's occasional niggling doubts, her feelings for Lon don't waver and the honesty in which they express themselves to each other is just great. No silly misunderstandings and things left unsaid, of course it helps that Lon is an empath, so he doesn't miss much about how Cady feels about him! I also won't deny that his protectiveness is very swoon worthy, even though he knows she is far from helpless and can protect herself most of the time! I also loved to see how Cady comes to realize that Lon and Jupe are her family now, something she has little experience with after the abandonment of her parents. Jupe's unrestrained affection for her is lovely and I loved their talk towards the end when he confided in her.This time around we also got a lot more scenes with Jupe and while I was worried that kidnapping was going to become 'a thing' in this series, I was relieved when it made sense for the story and didn't become the central point.Lots of little interactions with great side characters and an amazing plot, I could not put down Summoning the Night! By the end Cady had wrapped some things up and left others wide open (hello, secret identity and servitude to the Hellfire Club!!) and I'm excited to see what happens as Cady comes to terms with her past and present! When's book 3 come out again? :)