The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1) - Julie Kagawa
I liked this and Allie was an excellent (yay, ethnic!) protagonist but the ease with which most of the events at the end unfolded bugged me and I hated that they did.The first two thirds was excellent however and I liked the mentor/student relationship between Allie and Kanin as well as how Allie made the shift from prey to predator. I was not happy that Kanin dropped off the face of the earth halfway through since I thought he was a pretty interesting character esp after we figure out why he is shuffling through endless amounts of paper. Since this is YA I figured a swoony boy would enter the picture at some point and Zeke did not disappoint, but his relationship with Jeb seemed overly dramatic and out of place. His rejection and subsequent reluctant re-acceptance of Allie was good though and completely in character for a boy betrayed. The Immortal Rules was a good start from a 'new to me' author, I will be on the lookout for Blood of Eden 2)