Street Magic - Caitlin Kittredge
This is not a light urban fantasy read, Dark London feels gritty and raw and the mystery that surrounds it's main case, is dark and violent. I liked no nonsense Pete, a Police Inspector haunted by her past with mage Jack Winter our 'returned from the dead' now junkie informant who turns up with pivotal clues to solving a brutal kidnapping case.This book was not an instant 'love it' for me, Pete and Jack barely tolerate each other and their relationship goes from distant to loathing and back to distant again. The author also writes in an English style and slang, which didn't bother me but made it hard to truly immerse myself in the story. Despite this I get the feeling this series has an interesting potential and now that I know a little bit about the characters and their intertwined past I am looking forward to finding out more!