Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison
Oh my, I think Khalil may have surpassed Dragos as my favorite of the Elder Races! I'd say that after Dragon Bound, this was my next favorite of the ER novels.Grace is a great character; showing perseverance and strength as she takes over as Oracle when her sister and brother in law die in an accident that also leaves her terribly injured and their two children in her care.And Kahlil, oh he was the perfect mix of arrogance and obliviousness! A Prince of the Djinn completely disarmed by Grace's young niece and nephew, he swears to protect them and ends up falling hard for the lovely Grace too! By the end his protectiveness made me swoon BIG time. Elder Race novels have been a real treat and this one went by way too fast. I know we get a novella in a couple of months with a new character and then the next full length novel bounces us back to Dragos and Pia but oh Thea, please give us Graydon's story!! Pia's BFF deserves a mate and I'd love to read it!