Enemy Within -
A cool, fast paced scifi thriller with a dash of romance, Enemy Within really drew me in!I liked Ari, our strong, capable female lead who despite being severely psychologically damaged by her capture and torture at the hands of an enemy race, can still fend for and protect herself. I also very much liked our mysterious protagonist, Cullin Seaghdh, who is definitely hiding some secrets of his own but who also shows Ari a vulnerable side. His strong attraction and instinct to protect her made me wary at first but when he acted more like her mate than jailer his sincerity won me over.The story was intricate with political and social issues and there was quite a bit of gore at it's climax but it was not gratuitous. The victories felt earned as Ari and Cullin fight to defeat a conspiracy before it kills them and destroys an alliance holding much of the intelligent races together.I am definitely reading more from Marcella Burnard.