Blameless (Parasol Protectorate Series #3) -
I am loving this series, each book is more clever than the last.edited to addSo off we go to Italy! Alexia, along with Madame Lefoux and Mr. Floote (omg! how awesome is FLOOTE!) takes herself off to the land of pesto and the Templar Knights in order to avoid the vampires intent on killing her and also to find proof or precedent that the baby she's carrying is actually Conall's.What follows is another rip roaring, slap dashing, hysterical adventure that had me giggling like a fool all the way to the end. You have to read these books for any kind of summary or review to make sense but believe me when I say that they are so worth it. If you like werewolves in any shape or form and/or fashionably dressed vampires, as well as dirigibles, snark and silly hats then these books are for you. Entertaining beyond belief! some quotes because they are too good not to share:“I am rather fond of ladybugs. They are so delightfully hemispherical.” “Lord Maccon, being Lord Maccon and good at such things, then changed, right there in the Thames, from dog-paddling wolf to large man treading water. He did so flawlessly, so that his head never went under the water. Professor Lyall suspected him of practicing such maneuvers in the bathtub.” “His eyes are peculiar. There is nothing in them, like an eclair without the cream filling. It's wrong, lack of cream.”