Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair
I started Games of Command anticipating more uniform ripping romance, than scifi and ended up engrossed in an exciting adventure balanced with just enough relationship and political intrigue to take me to it's stirring finish.Captain Tasha "Sass" Sebastian and Admiral Branden Kel-Paten share command after end of the war forms the Alliance combining the Triad and United Coalition. Both Tasha and Kel-Paten are hiding big things from each other; Tasha her mercenary past and biocybe Branden's uncharacteristic for his kind infatuation and strong feelings for her. Enter wanted rebel Jace Serafino whose appearance on their ship threatens to expose both their secrets and the fragile Alliance with information of political double crosses and sabotage. If anything I'd have liked more development on the personal side, with Tasha and Branden being less central to the plot than I would have liked. While the somewhat swift development of their relationship (on Tasha's side) didn't bother me, I wanted more interaction between the two instead of the flip flopping between their scenes and the ones with Serafino and his romantic foil. Kel-Paten's character in particular, deserved more exploration. As one of the few biocybe's in existence, this half man, half machine intrigued me with the vulnerability he allows regarding the woman he loves and his yearnings to be considered more human as he overcomes his internal programming and emotional shields.Overall though the action and intrigue segued nicely into the relationship drama and I completely ignored the silly, if essential, contribution of the furzels, catlike creatures that were the natural predators of the emotion sucking 'big bads' that drove most of the secondary conflict.Games of Command was a good read for fans of romantic scifi and a good entry into other works by Linnea Sinclair. I will definitely be checking out the Dock Five Universe series next.