Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers
Set in an intriguing Wild West/Steampunk setting where Bloodhounds, alchemically altered men who turn into lust driven beasts on the full moon, were created to hunt vampires, Wilder's Mate is a gritty, steamy adventure that ends too quickly and left me wanting way more.Satira joins Wilder on a rescue mission for Guild inventor and mentor Nathaniel and ends up inexorably linked to this fierce and intense man. We find out that she is his mate and his need to protect and consume her doesn't sit easily with the independent Satira at first. But as they journey to the Deadlands and Wilder succeeds in proving his loyalty and devotion the action and romance really start to kick into high gear. Wilder's mate was a fine adventure and sexy (whew, super dirty sexy!!) romp that I wish had been a full length novel. I wanted to know more about both Satira and Wilder's histories and how they got where they were before finding each other. I will definitely be adding more Bloodhound books to my tbr pile.