Aftermath - Ann Aguirre
I just bumped this up to 5 stars because as I thought about the review I would write the feelings I had when I finished Aftermath reared up on me again.Rather than recap and analyze what has happened in the Jax series so far I would rather say that despite what I am sure shippers of Sirantha and March would say was a sad and disappointing ending, I saw the most optimistic and beautiful threads of love, friendship and destiny laid out for the last book, Endgame, to weave into what I am sure will be a magnificent finish.Much of this has to do with Sirantha's relationship with the incomparable Vel. Their friendship and deep connection has to be the most amazing and heartfelt I've ever read between two non-romantic companions ever. Their understanding and empathy towards each other along with the commitment and loyalty they feel is just amazing and as breathtakingly peaceful as it is simple. I get the sense that they are two integral souls never to be parted and no matter where she ends up on this journey, Vel will be there at her side.