Hexed - Kevin Hearne
A wild and fun romp with Atticus and his loyal hound, Oberon, Hexed is another impressive installment in the Iron Druid series! Drawn into a territorial battle against a coven of evil witches, Atticus is joined by the usual, if eclectic, team of allies. The Icelandic vampire Leif, werewolf lawyer Hal, his trusty apprentice Granuaile (who I think he might have a bit of a crush on) and of course, the widow MacDonagh. Handling every situation with his usual humor and self confidence, Atticus uses both magic and skill to get out of one dire situations after another mostly unscathed. That would include both sadomasochistic sexy times with the Morrigan, goddess of death and a battle with the fallen angel turned demon Basaseal who was set free during the battle in the desert with Aenghus Óg.His luck and success in surviving these encounters and others can strike you as almost 'too' fortuitous and most of his internal and external conversations with the opposite sex perhaps a bit primitive. But I tend to write off his attitude towards goddess, witches and other paranormals to just how very old he is. While he has kept up with modern civilities (and there is a hilarious discussion with Leif on this topic at the beginning) he is at heart an ancient being with over 2,000 years of experience and perspective. Every one of his interactions with others strike me as him drawing on that and using his talent, brains, and cunning to help him survive as he straddles both the old and new planes of existence.Hexed was an amazingly entertaining read with just the right amount of character and plot development for this series. I am excited to read more in book 3, Hammered, where we'll see Atticus 'bring it' to the denizens of Asgard. Look out Thor!!