Song of Scarabaeus -
Reminding me very much of Sirantha Jax and the excellent Grimspace series, Song of Scarabaeus was an exciting sci-fi adventure. Edie and Finn, mentally 'leashed' together, make an sympathetic pair as they try to win their freedom from renegade mercs bent on profiting from stolen terraform seeds that cypherteck Edie is able to manipulate. Finn, the ex-soldier turned indentured prisoner is forced to act as Edie's bodyguard since if he strays too far from her side his brain will literally fry! The technology and science introduced in the story really grabbed my attention and made this a fascinating read as Edie can interface with machines through a wet-teck link in her fingers and program mentally. The sequence on the planet Scarabaeus was particularly cool, as Edie reprograms the organic biosphere to protect her and Finn as they make their escape after an act of sabotage and betrayal.In the end the trust, friendship and, ultimately, attraction that grow between these two makes the romance side of this story a real slow burn, but their adventures more than make up for it. I can't wait to read book 2.