Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2) -
*incoherent boo-hooing* review sometime after I've recovered.I think I've recovered somewhat from my sob fest after finishing up Hallowed the other night and while I know I won't be as eloquent in my praise as some of the fantastic reviewers I follow here on GR I will try to put down a few thoughts. PS. guess I'll spoiler tag the rest because there's no way I can do this without spilling important details! I'll start by saying that at the end of Unearthly I was 100% Team Tucker all the way. I didn't want to hear anymore about Christian and how, surprise!, he was an angel blood too and oh! what could it mean that his vision was to save Clara?! I wanted Clara and Tucker to run away together and live happily ever after, on a horse ranch complete with a gaggle of gorgeous little cowboy (or girl) babies! Well *screech* THAT whole concept died a complete and ugly death as I got deeper and deeper into the story. In fact, it is the God's honest truth that by the end of Hallowed I had completely and unequivocally, SWITCHED allegiances from Tucker to Christian. Me, a Team Tucker gal through and through!?! Cynthia Hand coaxed me and soothed me and convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that Christian IS absolutely the guy for Clara; her destiny, her other half, her purpose!The 'best' part (and one that made me ok with my bandwagon jumping) was that I could accept that Tucker was actually better off without Clara, loving a 'normal' girl, someone who can give him the happiness he deserves. And at the end when we get to feel how he believes that the purest form of love is to let her go? Well let's just say I was glad I had tissues nearby because that's when Tucker officially lived up to being the perfect guy!But this story is not just about Clara and her 'rock and hard place' decision between two practically perfect guys. Enter Clara and Jeffrey's father, Michael. To their surprise, dear old dad is a full blooded angel which makes Clara (and Jeffrey) three quarters angel blood or the extremely rare Triplare. Dad has reappeared in their lives because we also learn that Clara's mother is dying. I'm not sure why but I had guessed something was going to happen to Maggie close to the start of Hallowed and, unfortunately, what I had feared came true. I knew that somehow Clara had to continue on her path on alone and that her mother's purpose was logically tied up in her child, but this revelation still left me heartsick. I won't say more but that as Maggie journeys to her life's end we are led to some of the most achingly beautiful parts of the book. Hallowed ended with, what I thought, minimal loose ends. Now normally this would not bode well for the final installment of any series. But as our trio head off to college we can’t forget that we have to see a continuation of Jeffery’s story and what happened to Samjeeza after Michael banished him. Whatever happens, I’m pretty confident that Cynthia Hand will bring book 3 and the Unearthly trilogy to an extremely satisfying conclusion! I am already looking forward to it.