Thin Air - Rachel Caine
Thin Air starts exactly where we left off as Joanne blinks right out of sight and lands somewhere ‘else’, naked and half dead. Stripped of her memories by Ashan the djinn in an attempt to ‘unmake’ her from the world when the djinn plot to destroy humanity is stopped by Mother Earth herself. What follows is her harrowing journey to reclaim her life from the demon impersonating her who hatched during the earth’s explosive and catastrophic reactions to the destruction of the ancient Djinn/Warden contract. Both David and Lewis are there to support her per their own methods but what I thought was truly heartbreaking was watching Joanne try to figure out who to trust as she pieces together her entire life and identity on this harrowing and dangerous journey. I think Thin Air was one of the most emotional of the Warden novels so far as we see Joanne coming to terms with betrayal, love, grief, trust and pain as she reaches the final confrontation stronger than she ever was before. At the close there is still more conflict, more balancing to be done but our heroine is at least whole (and now a triple threat!) with David at her side.