Windfall - Rachel Caine
Windfall takes us on another hell in a hand basket ride with Joanne Baldwin. Last go round Joanne had walked away from the Wardens with David, her dying Djinn lover, in very dire straits. Things are no better at present where we find Joanne trying to make a regular living by working as a weather girl for the local tv news while avoiding sexual harassment from her handsy, slime ball of a boss.Once Windfall takes off Joanne is once again caught up in forces poised to destroy the world and any chance of happiness she thought could be within her reach. Add to all that her newly divorced, used to being pampered sister showing up at her door and a police detective poking into her past and things REALLY start to downgrade FAST.I really, really like Caine’s Weather Warden series and our girl Joanne, they don’t let up from start to finish and I almost always have to get right on to the next book to find out just how things are going to end up!