Mercy - Rebecca Lim
Poor Mercy. She has been once again uprooted and deposited into a young woman’s consciousness and life without warning to fulfill a quest completely unknown to her.Mercy is an angel and somehow she has been cast out of heaven and away from her brethren for reasons that she can’t remember, doomed to be cyclically rotated into people’s lives and back out once her 'job' is complete in a dizzying merry go round. Luckily Mercy has powers and experience so she can protect herself and her charge because this time she definitely needs them as she tries to solve a dangerous mystery involving a disappearing girl whose foster family Mercy is temporarily a part of. While some of the story was confusing to me I think that it was meant to be that way because it was also confusing to Mercy. The moments when she can hear and see her angel counterparts are deliberately vague and unfocused and we never really learn how or why Mercy has been cast out or ‘fallen’. It is sad that at the end when Mercy realizes that her purpose has been fulfilled she tried to keep a hold on the life she is connected to but is helpless to stop her gradual slide away. I enjoyed this different take on the angel genre, I haven’t read all that many (Unearthly, an extremely hard act to follow) but I look forward to more of Rebecca Lim’s story telling and finding out if Mercy can be ultimately forgiven and redeemed.