Chill Factor - Rachel Caine
My first thought when I started and then finished Chill Factor was that it put the whole series into a complete shift. Joanne died and was reborn Djinn through the first two books and now in book 3 we have her back to being human trying to right the wrongs from dozens of double crosses, past mistakes and current associations. We are left with so many loose ends it's almost a reboot ending and I hope that as a result we don't lose what was good about this series in the first place.On the heels of the last book Joanne and David are trying to make it to Las Vegas to stop Kevin, who has stolen powers and enslaved Jonathan, the most powerful of the Djinn. Continually thwarted from getting anywhere near Vegas, she is pulled from the case by the Wardens and David’s bottle is confiscated. Sent home to wait out the crisis she is suddenly thrust back into the situation by a seemingly incomprehensible act of betrayal.I, along with Joanne, could barely keep up with the helplessness her current situation put her in; not knowing who to trust, old friends acting like enemies, new foes hiding just how dangerous they are. And I suffered along with her through the realization and implications of each and every one of these forces at work. Then on top of it all the past rears it’s ugly head and you can’t help but feel like it’ll be impossible for Joanne to ever get a break. But the thing I love about this series is that she never gives up. Living by her wits, Joanne shows initiative and unimaginable strength in the face of these crazy odds. And luckily we do get to see that despite the changes to who and what Joanne thought she was fighting for and against, it all makes sense. Again the ending left me a bit adrift, my desire for a resolution, if not a HEA, completely denied. Her and David are at a fragile and dangerous point that I hated to see, but hopefully some of Joanne's strength and perseverance will get them through it.