Heat Stroke - Rachel Caine
Heat Stroke picks up at almost the exact point Ill Wind ends, Joanne has been reborn, a newly created Djinn, saved from death by her lover, David. Being a Djinn isn’t easy and despite the patient and loving tutelage of the gorgeous David, Joanne is having a tough time transitioning to power on a cosmic level, but that isn’t even the worst of it. Called on the carpet before Jonathan, the one true Djinn God, she learns the terrible consequences of her creation. David had to literally give half of himself to save her and the rest of his power is slowly but surely draining away in order to sustain her. So Joanne is assigned to Patrick, to learn to draw her own source power the Djinn way from everything around her. Sink or swim, she has a week to get it right or be cut loose from David’s sustaining force, and that’s when everything goes utterly and completely wrong. Heat Stroke is utterly compelling. Filled with action, suspense, betrayals, devastation and sometimes complete frustration I raced along with Joanne to see if she’d get out of trouble in time and to what consequence. A quick warning, while the story itself was satisfying, it’s conclusion was not. Have book 3 handy..you’ll thank me after.