Ill Wind - Rachel Caine
Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden, blessed with the power to manipulate and control the weather; she has found herself in quite the predicament. Infected with a demon mark that will consume and corrupt her, she is also on the run. Falsely accused of murder, trying desperately to prove her innocence before she is captured and ‘neutered’ (cut off from the powers that define her) Joanne runs straight for an old friend, Lewis. Deemed a threat by the Warden organization, Lewis disappeared because of the great and unique skill he possesses for all three of the wardens abilities: earth, fire and weather. When he left he stole three of the Djinn, beings of enormous power, who work in servitude to the wardens and serve to magnify their powers. Transferring the mark to a djinn is Joanne's only hope for ridding herself of the mark, or so she thinks.Joanne is a great protagonist. Self sufficient and self deprecating, Joanne is funny, bad ass and independent as hell. Extremely talented, she finds herself battling whatever the wardens throw at her while she tears across the country trying to find Lewis. And then we meet David, a hitchhiker Joanne picks up seemingly out of nowhere, and hello! hot boy alert! David is unassuming and low key but Joanne quickly learns that appearances can be very deceiving as he becomes her partner and more in this crazy race. The showdown ending had some twisty, tense moments and because it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, I was definitely glad I had book 2 on hand.One last note, I kind of enjoyed the bit of meteorological lesson I got as Joanne redirects, unravels and creates weather to defend herself and the public who are the innocent bystanders caught in the middle of her conflict! Not an avid Weather Channel watcher, I am nonetheless amazed by the power of Mother Nature and Caine's descriptions of Joanne's manipulations added to the book rather than distracted from the action.Spoilery comments below, just because I had to add:I love the inclusion of the djinn in this story. Basically genies in a bottle, they are a cool new element in UF/PNR for me and I loved the possibilies it opened up for Joanne and David’s relationship in the next book.