The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler
A cute, nostalgic trip down memory lane The Future of Us is a sweet commentary on how so often we find the happiness we were looking for in our very own backyard.The year is 1996 and Emma just got a new computer. Loading up the new AOL software from the disc her best friend Josh gave her she clicks on a link called Facebook and inexplicably finds herself looking through a window 15 years into her future.Aside from the cute observations 1996 makes of 2011 (what is an iPad, why do people share all these intimate details on the internet, what is Netflix?) the book does a great job of showing how even one decision you make can have extreme repercussions on your future. It also gives great moral, namely that maybe what you were searching for was never really lost in the first place (I like to call it The Wizard of Oz effect);o)