Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #1) -
Poor Atticus O’Sullivan! Trying to live a low-key, normal life, running his occult book and herb store, Atticus’ millennia old grudge with the ancient Celtic God of Love is about to reach it’s boiling point. You see, Atticus stole a magic sword from right under the nose of said God and Aenghus Òg wants it back. Atticus is not, by any means, defenseless. He is the last of the Druids, with 2,000 years of earth magic at his fingertips and a snarky sense of humor on his tongue. Lucky for him he’s also got several of the Goddesses of the Tuatha Dé Danann on his side, though what advice and help they offer almost always seem to serve their own self-interests first and his second.Richly mixed with mythology, Hounded gives us action, adventure and a supremely likeable hero and his even more adorable sidekick Oberon, the wolfhound. And while Oberon’s commentary (yes, he can talk but only to Atticus) itself makes the reading of Hounded worthwhile we also get a whole cast of characters, some supernatural and some not, that pumps the enjoyment factor of this story way up. I loved the mythology and magic woven into the story, legends of Gods and Goddesses and the grudges and rivalries that Atticus has inadvertently gotten himself mixed up in! The attention to detail and research obvious, I am excited to read book 2 and more of the Iron Druid Chronicles.