Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake
This was a good old fashioned, creepy ghost story and completely wonderful! Anna Dressed In Blood introduces us to Cas Lowood. A ghost killer like his father before him, Cas sends destructive, murderous ghosts on to their next plane of existence using his trusty (and super sharp) athame blade. While pursuing his latest case, Anna, he gets way more than he bargained for. Anna is unlike any ghost Cas has ever ‘killed’. She is super angry and super strong, killing anyone who dares cross her threshold. Her hair writhing in the air like snakes, her white dress soaked with dripping blood and her penchant for reanimating her murder victims makes Cas realize that he’s got some research to do on how to get rid of what has possessed her and send her on her way. I really loved this story! Cas is a great, mature main character and his personality and strength of purpose shine right out of him. His is a solitary calling and he’s always cut himself off from both friendly and romantic entanglements as a result so seeing him accept and relish the camaraderie of his ‘team’ was really sweet. What I also liked was that this story turned out to be more layered and complicated than it first seemed to be. I thought we’d lay the trap, kill the girl and go home. Well, not exactly. There is much more trouble for Cas than first meets the eye and when the spirits started stirring I was reading through my fingers, trying not to squirm. This was great first book in yet another series that I will be adding to my ‘must read’ shelf. Oh and one last word of advice, don’t read this book at bedtime, you’ll be sorry!