The Scarlet Dagger (The Red Sector Chronicles, #1) - Krystle Jones
I read this book as part of the Read2Review program in the PNR & Urban Fantasy Fanatics discussion group! This program is aimed at getting lesser known authors exposure and 'chat' going about their books. The Scarlet Dagger is the perfect candidate for this kind of thing, probably not polished enough to gain a quick following, the story has a good foundation and potential. Sloane McAllister's quest to find her twin brother after the vampire rising leads her on a journey under the earth to another world, the world of vampires who are, to her utter shock a lot like herself. Turned against her will by the handsome Aden, for reasons she doesn't fully understand, we see her form new loyalties and develop respect for the very creatures she sought to destroy. I liked Sloan a lot and I always appreciate a strong main female character that can think for and defend herself. She is no milquetoast, that is for sure. The telling of the story however fell into a couple of traps. There was a lot of telling and not a lot of showing. Putting information in parenthesis is not a good way to get the exposition and fact telling out of the way and it's awkward for the reader. The ease with which Sloane got in and out of jams was a bit too pat for me. The attacks she survived, the immediacy with which she was accepted in the vampire's society were both problems that could have been resolved by fleshing the story out more, building the world more. I did like the overall arc of the story and think that the author shows a good deal of potential to improve. Wishing her the best of luck and thanks for sharing her work!