Library-Liz-ard asked me if I knew how to get rid of the book counter background (the open book) on theme #3.  I think I do... but when I typed the answer into the comment field, it deleted all the html... which is important to answering the question.  ~.~


So here's the answer for anyone who wants it.  Mind you, there are other ways to do it... this is just the easiest way to change it if you don't want to customize the CSS for your page. 


NOTE:  I customized my CSS using IE's built-in editing tool. It was a massive pain.  So if you just want to change a few small things, HTML is the way to go.


For sake of brevity, I'm going to assume we all know how to get to the EDIT HTML page.  Once there, look for the following tag:




To remove the image entirely, change that to:



Simple enough, right?  Except that maybe you don't want to remove the image, maybe you just want to change it.  To do that, the tag should be:




Just be sure to use an image that's the same size (223x132) or it won't fit properly... which will lead to you needing to tweak more things.  Just as an example, though, here's a tag that will replace the book background with a picture of a kitty reading:




Note the added "height' and "width" tags to tell the system the picture is bigger than the default.  


Ta-da! You've now changed or removed the image.  Afterwards, you may also need to change the font color so it'll show up.  That's easy, too.  The tags immediately following the one we've been playing with are link tags, one for class="shelf-counter-count" the other for class="shelf-counter-title".  Edit those to include a color tag, like so:">  Where #ffffff is the hex code of the color you want to use, and the href goes to your booklikes, not mine.  (Really, you should just be able to slip the style="color:#ffffff" in there and leave the rest alone.)

Hopefully, that helps.


ETA:  You will have to make the same changes on all of your pages -- blog, shelf, timeline, etc.