The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

This was a creepy, compelling story and I loved every page of it! Starting with the excellent setting (cold, eerie, and spooky), our two main characters, Lord Crane and Steven Day, completely won me over. They begin as wary allies against a formidable curse and quickly prove themselves to each other as an overwhelming attraction complicates matters even further.

I loved Crane's manner and attitude towards the society he has been forced to reenter in order to look after his family's affairs. Having been banished from his home by an extremely cruel father he is exceptionally self possessed and confident. A self made man by necessity, his devil may care attitude skyrockets his sexiness right off the charts. Then you have Day who, despite his frail and unassuming appearance, is an extremely powerful magician which makes him completely fascinating and irresistible.

As the plot thickens there are warlocks and witches and all other manner of magical forces at work that made the story completely addictive. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series as we learn more about the Magpie Lord and his society of magic as well as the back stories for both Crane and Day!