Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh

Kind of a lackluster installment of the Guild Hunter series. It wasn't boring per se but the plot didn't really move forward..yet again we have a mystery archangel threatening The Tower and Raphael's territory and several instances of sabotage which take Elena way too long to get to the bottom of. Then there are the violent, supernatural events which are a result of this 'Cascade' in which the Cadre evolve and get more super charged powers.  All culminating in an archangelic war of epic proportions which wasted pages and pages to a underwhelming conclusion.


I know exactly what I'm getting when I pick one of these up and they are endlessly entertaining but I feel like Raphael and Elena could have been a side plot in a novel about one of Raph's Seven (Aodhan or Illium PLEASE!) and not the focus of the entire book.