Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi

After several recent instances of disappointing wrap ups to YA trilogies it was a relief to see that Veronica Rossi took hers to a thoroughly satisfying conclusion!

While I might have had an idea where we'd see ItSB take us I was still riveted and I found myself devouring the book in only one sitting.  Yes, it was that packed with action!  There were great good and bad guy moments as well as plenty of swoony scenes between Aria and Perry, who are still one of the most mature YA couples I've read.  

My only quibble would be that I would have liked a bit more of a wind down after the high tension ending so that I could have a little more time to settle my feelings about how everything shakes out.  Still maybe we can persuade Rossi to write a short story telling us how the city of Cinder is doing in the future, because I, for one, was sad to see Under the Never Sky end.