The Thing About Weres - Leigh Evans

More emotion and messy feelings in this second installment of the Mystwalker series as Hedi deals with the painful fallout from her precipitate decision in the first novel.  She's in dire straights as the ramifications of shoving her true love, alpha Robsen Trowbridge, through the portal to Faerie come to a head when ties to the Were pack she is holding together by the most tenuous of threads unravel completely.


We see less of the side characters that I loved in the first book, Cordelia in particular and Merry most certainly, in favor of loads of time inside Hedi's head.  I think that that was a bit of a mistake because while I was happy to share in her fantasies about the fantastically pretty (naked) Trowbridge it did start to become repetitive and the pace definitely suffered.


This time around, in addition to the battle she wages against her insecurities as a half Fae/Were hybrid, and as she shapes her destiny as a mystwalker and Trowbridge's mate, there are family issues which come back to haunt her.  Dividing her loyalties and attention between Pack and Fae is never easy for Hedi and the decisions she must make this time around practically tear her apart.


I was glad to see the ending veer a bit unpredictably since I worried that that we would end up in a situation made worse by people not taking the simple step to TALK TO ONE ANOTHER.  Instead I saw a refreshing leap of trust which will make the next chapter in Hedi's adventure much more interesting and exciting.