Iron Night - M.L. Brennan

I've been preoccupied with house stuff this past week so reading took a back seat most days (boo!). Because of that, I couldn't finish up Iron Night for a few days which was no reflection on how much I enjoyed it!

Fortitude Scott has come a long way since we saw him in Generation V, he's halfway through his transition to full fledged vampire and along with that come all the usual skills and perks.  He's been in mini vampire boot camp; training with his brother Chivalry, learning self defense, bulking up and being tutored in how to protect his mother's territory.  These developments really show us a different Fort this time around: more confident, definitely more self assured and less uncertain about his place in his family. 


Suzume, his friend (but wants to be more, what? she SO does) the Kitsune seems to like this a lot and she's dropping hints like anvils all over the place.  This normally would frustrate the hell out of me since Fort is no Don Juan with women which means he's pretty clueless and really? after 2 books PLEASE KISS ALREADY!!  Thankfully, despite some false starts we finally see an infinitesimal shift in their relationship.  None of this diminishes the fact that the mystery was entertaining and taut enough to help me gloss over all that dithering and an uneasy partnership with his sister Prudence cranked the enjoyment way up for me.  Yes, Pru is a blood thirsty psychopath but she make no excuses and for that she is a hoot.

This is a different take on the typical UF/vampire tale and as an avid reader of this genre I am very appreciative of that fact.  The developments at the end of Iron Night leave us with a million possibilities to explore along with Fortitude and I'm looking forward to seeing where the next book takes him and Suzume.