The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) - J.R. Ward

Even though the minuses completely outnumber the pluses: BDB, I just can't quit you.


Pluses -

  • iAm and the g*ddamn cat have succeeded in finally making the Shadows interesting to me
  • Beth and Wrath were not annoying despite their story being somewhat predictable
  • I kinda liked the flashbacks to Wrath's parents


Minuses -

  • the almost glacial development of several plot points
  • Assail/Sola - yawn
  • Xcor/Layla - meh
  • not enough V or JM or Qhuay or Lassiter
  • the constant branding and product placement
  • the ridiculous way they talk and think


So yeah, I bitch and joke about it but I'll be reading the next and the next and the next..and I ain't even sorry